Recent calls for regulations on Airbnb style accommodation in Taranaki have prompted an important discussion in the local community. Airbnb fire safety.

Should Airbnb (and similar style properties) have to invest in regular fire extinguisher servicing like other accommodation providers? 

Last year, Airbnb formed a partnership with Fire and Emergency New Zealand. As a part of this partnership FENZ pledged to “educate local hosts about smoke alarms and fire safety”. In return, Airbnb provides accommodation to emergency workers and people who have been displaced during a crisis. 

Launched in December, this initiative is fantastic for the fire safety industry. But there is still more that can be done to make sure Airbnb accommodation is safe. 

Airbnb Legislation 

In the responsible hosting section on the Airbnb NZ website, there is some fire prevention advice. They recommend that you “Ensure you have a functioning smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector, and that your property meets government safety guidelines for your area (e.g., International Building Code). Ensure you provide a functioning fire extinguisher and complete required maintenance.” 

In 2017, a fire in a Christchurch property prompted calls for more diligent Airbnb fire safety rules. Although there are compulsory fire safety laws for commercial properties, they aren’t being regulated enough and people are getting hurt. 

6 members of the family of ten that were staying at the property were taken to hospital. 

In order to comply with commercial accommodation legislation, contact your local council and talk to the New Zealand Building Code. You can also consult directly with Airbnb for advice in your area. 

Airbnb Hosting Guide 

What can you do to make sure your rental accommodation is safe? 

Airbnb fire safety is simple if you work with a professional team. If you want to know how to prepare your property, contact Jim’s Fire Safety directly to talk to your local team. We can talk you through your requirements, and supply/install equipment based on the nature of your property. 

As a general rule, all properties should have a fire blanket in the kitchen area, as well as a working fire extinguisher. You must also have a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide detector. These should be tested routinely before your property is occupied and checked for tampering. 

You should also provide your guests a map with the fire exits pointed out, plus a safe point where they can gather in the occurrence of an emergency.  

If you have any appliances on your property, you should have them tested and tagged to make sure they are safe. This includes items like electric blankets, kettles, hairdryers, microwaves, and cleaning equipment. 

The more effort you put into the safety of your property, the less likely it is for an accident to occur. 

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