The holiday season is fast approaching!

To make this season as cheerful as possible, we’ve put together a list of our most helpful Christmas Fire Safety tips for the home and office.
If you need help preparing your business for the holidays, take a look at our fire equipment services. Our technicians offer professional fire safety inspections to businesses all around New Zealand. Make sure your workplace is prepared and enjoy this special time of year.

Seasonal Fire Safety Tips

Forget about bundling up, drinking warm eggnog, and making snow angels — Christmas in New Zealand is in the middle of summer. This season comes with it’s own challenges.
One challenge is the climate. If you are going camping over the holidays or celebrating in your backyard, make sure you check the Fire and Emergency New Zealand website before lighting a fire.


They will provide you with more information about where and when you can light a fire and whether or not you need a permit.


Christmas Light Safety

To avoid Christmas light fires, here are some tips you can use:

  • Check your lights to make sure there aren’t any visual signs of damage.
  • If you are using lights in a working environment, make sure they are tested and tagged before use. Any decoration that plugs in needs to be tested. For more information about your testing and tagging requirements, take a look at our service page.
  • If you are using new lights, check the product recall website to make sure they haven’t been listed.
  • Use indoor lights inside and outdoor lights outside.


If you are using a real tree, we have some additional Christmas fire safety advice.

  • Water your tree regularly.
  • Spray your tree with fireproof retardant.
  • Place your Christmas tree in a safe place away from extension cords, exits, and flammable objects.

Christmas Fire Safety at Work

To help you keep your office safe from general and electrical fires,  here are some more tips.


  • Clean out the bins around your property and check the perimeter for excess equipment and rubbish. This will help you avoid arson.
  • Make sure all of the fire exits and evacuation routes are clear — don’t put any decorations in the way.
  • Run a seasonal evacuation to remind your staff of your procedures.
  • Ensure you have working smoke alarms.
  • Check that your power points and power boards have not been overloaded with excess appliances.
  • Turn your fairy lights off when no-one is around, and make sure all appliances are switched off in the evening.


Contact Jim’s Fire Safety

The best thing you can do to increase safety and reduce risk this Christmas is contact our team and have your equipment tested. This includes your fire safety devices and your electrical equipment.

All of your equipment — whether it is seasonal or otherwise — needs to be tested. If it plugs in, there is a chance of electrical fire. Make sure everything has been checked to avoid a dangerous Christmas.


We test all appliances, fire extinguishers, blankets, hose reels, and more. We will provide you with documentation that will prove your compliance if you have a Christmas visit from the workplace inspector.


Give us a call or fill in the online form for a free quote.