A fire broke out at a Queenstown construction site on Saturday night (19th November 2018). Two firefighters used a hose to extinguish the flames and luckily nobody was injured. All around New Zealand, businesses manage the risks in their workplace for the benefit of employees. Implementing a construction site fire safety plan will help reduce the chance of a fire and manage the risks involved when dealing with an open flame. 

Fire Safety Equipment You Would Need on a Construction Site

The best way to prepare you construction site is with a variety of equipment. Depending on the nature of your construction site, you may need hose reels, blankets, and extinguishers. The most popular and functional piece of equipment is the fire extinguisher. 

If you prepare your site with a range of different extinguishers, you will be most prepared for an emergency. It is important to include a variety of extinguishers in your construction site fire safety plan because each extinguisher is made to deal with different types of fires. 

Fire Extinguisher Requirements for Construction Sites 

The type of extinguisher you require will depend on the type of materials used in your workplace and the risks associated with your work. The following types of fire extinguishers are designed to deal with different fires. 

Water – made to work on fires involving wood, paper, textiles, and rubber 

Carbon dioxide – designed to deal with electrical fires 

Foam – ideal for use on flammable liquids 

Powder – dry chemical powder works on flammable liquids and electrical fires

To ensure thorough construction site fire safety measures are met, you should consult with your local fire protection authority and get their advice. You can also talk to WorkSafe and access a variety of useful resources that can help you prepare for most emergencies. 

Fire Equipment Service 

At Jim’s Fire Safety, we supply and install fire equipment to businesses all around New Zealand. If you run a construction-based business, contact us today to discuss your needs and make sure your place is fire-safe. We can supply you with the correct extinguishers for your work, and perform inspections, pressure tests, and refills. 

Regular maintenance is the only way to ensure your employees with have access to functional fire protection equipment when they need it. If you own or operate a business, you are legally obligated to supply and maintain firefighting equipment. Don’t get caught out with inadequate protection. It’s not worth the risk to your staff and property. Call us now or fill in the online form for a free quote. 

Construction Site Fire Safety Tips

To help prevent the chance of a fire on your worksite, take a look at the following tips. If you are worried about fire safety on your site, please talk to your boss immediately, or if you’re in charge, take further measures to increase the standard of safety before something happens. 

  • clear rubbish and manage the build-up of materials 
  • make sure electrical systems and equipment are tested and tagged 
  • lighting should be kept away from flammable material
  • fix any lights and heaters to make sure they are secure and not at risk of falling
  • don’t leave any equipment unattended 
  • don’t smoke near the construction site
  • before starting ‘hot works’ clear all flammable material 
  • complete ‘hot works’ at least one hour before the end of the shift and complete fire checks afterwards 

If you have any questions about our tips or services, call us now or fill in the online form. Fire safety is only an enquiry away.