Fire Blanket Inspection.


One fire safety element that is often overlooked is the use of a fire blanket. The important things to remember about a fire blanket is how to use it, when to use it and to know that it will work properly. This is why any fire blanket inspection in Meadowlands should only be carried out by fully trained fire safety technicians.

Every business owner in New Zealand must ensure the fire safety of their workplace. All employees and any visitors who enter a place of work should know that all fire safety measures have been implemented.

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Why fire blankets are so important

Every New Zealand business owner or manager is required by law to provide a safe working environment for all of your employees.

If you run your business using a kitchen such as a restaurant café, or canteen business, fire safety is a major concern. You need to remember that if you’re working with cooking fats and oils, you need to have a functional fire blanket on standby or a wet chemical fire extinguisher.

Jim’s Fire Safety offers fire blanket inspection services to businesses right throughout New Zealand.

Fire blankets are not only essential for extinguishing fires in a kitchen environment – they’re also very important for the safety of people. If for some reason someone’s clothing, their hair or skin catches fire, you can quickly apply a fire blanket to the flames. It could easily be a lifesaving measure.

It’s easy to see why every business should have a working fire protection blanket at the ready.

Being equipped for a fire

Just as with the use of a fire blanket, all fire-fighting equipment throughout New Zealand should be properly tested and maintained.

There is no point having fire equipment if they will not work the way they need to in an emergency situation.

It doesn’t matter what type of fire-fighting equipment you have, it needs to function properly.

This relates to everything from:

Knowing that you have your fire safety needs taken care of, means that you can concentrate on looking after your business. Talk to Jim’s Fire Safety professionals for the best in fire safety services.

Our team are highly experienced safety technicians who receive ongoing training to stay up-to-date with the latest regulations.

You’re always in safe hands with Jim’s Fire Safety New Zealand

It’s much easier to know that you have the correct fire safety equipment and it is ready to use in emergencies, when you have the true experts taking care of you.

For regular professional fire blanket inspection in Meadowlands and other specialised services, engage the top team of technicians – that’s Jim’s Fire Safety.

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