Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Fordlands.


For reliable fire extinguisher inspection in Fordlands, Jim’s Fire Safety New Zealand has you covered. Our fully trained technicians near Fordlands can inspect all fire extinguishers in your place of business so that you can minimise the risk of accidents, stay compliant, and ensure your peace of mind.

Fire safety experts you can count on

Our team of fully trained technicians will test and inspect all your fire safety equipment to make sure they’re safe for use and in proper working condition. We can also help you choose, install, and conduct regular maintenance on your fire protection equipment according to the latest safety standards.

With every piece of equipment we test, you can expect a report and a free reminder of the next recommended inspection date. We will notify you each time your business is due for another routine inspection and let you know when other tests are necessary. We also properly tag your equipment and provide all the supporting documents you will need for proof of compliance.

We have fire safety experts all over Fordlands and in most major cities and regional towns in New Zealand. Just reach out to our team, and we’ll connect you with a local technician in your area. We’ll visit your business at a time that works for your schedule.

Why do you need experts for fire extinguisher inspection in Fordlands?

Fire safety inspection is a job reserved for fully trained technicians. By working with Jim’s Fire Safety New Zealand, you can be sure that the work carried out meets the latest safety standards, reducing the risks to your business and the people who work there.

Our technicians will inspect all fire safety equipment at your workplace at set intervals as prescribed by NZS 4503:2005 (New Zealand standards regarding hand-operated fire safety equipment). Our inspection includes:

  • All portable fire extinguishers (requires routine inspection at least once every twelve months, or once every six months for high-risk environments)
  • Wet chemical or foam type fire extinguishers (requires discharge and recharging testing every three years, and hydraulic pressure testing every five years)

Protect your business with Jim’s Fire Safety New Zealand

Work with Jim’s Fire Safety New Zealand for your peace of mind. We offer fire extinguisher inspection and more to keep your business safe.

Fully trained with the latest safety standards, our team can conduct regular inspection, testing, and maintenance whenever you need. We’re also happy to answer any questions you might have.

Keep your entire business safe with one easy appointment. Call our team at 0800 454 654 or complete our online form for a free quote.