Fire extinguisher maintenance is more important than you may think.

One thing’s for certain, you don’t want to realize its importance of fire extinguisher maintenance before it’s too late.

In the event of a fire, your first set of defenses is your fire extinguishers. It’s crucial to your fire safety and the safety of anyone at your worksite or workplace.

Not knowing where your fire extinguishers are or second-guessing if they will work properly can put you and your employees in a terrible predicament. That’s where professional fire extinguisher maintenance can make all the difference and give you complete peace of mind.

Being ‘fire-ready’ in an emergency situation

Imagine the panic if your fire equipment isn’t ready to use, simply fails or cannot be found.

There are too many workplaces where the position of fire-fighting equipment is in the wrong place in relation to where a fire could break out.

It’s not as rare as you might think for a fire extinguisher to be placed behind doors or cabinets and out of plain sight. Some fire extinguishers have been stored in cupboards and (more unbelievably) under lock and key.

That is just asking for trouble and inviting a possible tragedy if there is no immediate escape from the danger.

Having a team of fire safety technicians check your entire workplace, including access to fire exits, where to have fire extinguishers and other fire equipment ideally positioned strengthens your workplace safety and makes good business sense.

You have better things to do and your time is better spent on your business than try and tackle the ins and outs of all your fire safety issues yourself.

Fire safety cannot wait

It’s important to remember that as a business owner or manager, you could be liable if you are not following workplace regulations and your workplace is deemed unsafe.

That’s where fire extinguisher maintenance and other fire maintenance services can make all the difference. Knowing that you have done all you can do to ensure your worksite is as safe as possible.

All types of portable fire extinguishers must be tested at least once a year. The frequency of testing varies depending on the nature of your workplace. That’s why it pays to consult with a professional team to ensure that you meet all the necessary requirements.

Different extinguishers need different fire extinguisher maintenance

The different types of work environments and workplaces determine what is required for fire safety.

Some work environments are categorised as ‘hostile’ and any fire extinguisher maintenance and inspections need to be performed at least once every 6 months.  There is a range of factors that can mean your workplace or work environment qualifies as ‘hostile’. All fire extinguisher maintenance needs to be done according to the NZS 4503:2005 Standard.

To ensure the fire safety capability of your workplace, it is a good idea to stick to a six-monthly interval to be safe rather than sorry.

House wood indoors fire extinguisher

There are extended service requirements for wet chemical and foam type fire extinguishers. An extra examination (which includes a discharge test and recharging) needs to be performed every 3 years. A special hydraulic pressure test is required every 5 years for ALL types of fire extinguishers. This is to ensure that the fire extinguishers adhere to pressure vessel safety regulations.

Each and every test needs to be documented with a yellow inspection tag that is attached to each extinguisher.

Making sure all your fire equipment is properly tested and functioning correctly is where you need the skills of a trusted professional team.

It pays to talk to the experts at Jim’s Fire Safety

Using fire maintenance services can mean the difference between being ‘fire ready’ and having an unsafe workplace.

That’s where Jim’s Fire Safety has the team you can trust. Our fire safety services are the most highly-regarded right throughout New Zealand. Whether it is fire extinguisher maintenance and inspection or fire hose reel testing, our team have the experience and expertise you can always rely on.

Jim’s Fire Safety technicians are highly trained and always up to date with the latest regulations. Get the best of the best for your fire safety. For more on what we can do to ensure your workplace is fire safe, see the experts. Call us now or fill in the online form for a free quote.