Professional Fire Hose Reel Testing Services in Tauranga is a must

As a New Zealand business owner, you are responsible for ensuring that your workplace is always fire safe. Whatever your workplace and the set-up, everyone who works or visits your site must be protected against the dangers of a fire.

One of the most important elements in controlling a fire is a fully working fire hose reel. It is a crucial defence and first response weapon in fighting a fire. That’s why it pays to see the experts in fire safety who can provide the best Fire Hose Reel Testing Services in Tauranga.

That expert team is Jim’s Fire Safety.

A fire hose reel gives you the all-important means to contain a fire. It is most effective when you are tackling a workplace fire, especially in its early stages. You can drastically reduce the threat and damage to your building and other structures that a fire brings with a fully functional fire hose.

Jim’s Fire Safety specialise in fire protection. By offering quality fire services from inspection and testing through to ongoing scheduled checks, your workplace still stay fire safe. Our team ensures your fire hose reels are fully tested, fully functional and ready to go in the event of fire.

All fire hose reel maintenance and inspection is completed according to the NZS 4503:2005 standards for Hand Operated Fire-Fighting Equipment.

With the experts at Jim’s Fire Safety behind you, having your workplace safe and compliant is easy.

Why Fire Hose Reel Testing Services in Tauranga are so important

There are strict and legally binding rules throughout New Zealand that every workplace should be fire safe. To do that, all fire-fighting equipment must be properly tested and maintained on a regular basis.

There is no second chance when it comes to dealing with the dangers of a fire. Talking to the true professionals in fire safety is the best approach.

Having fire hose reels that fail to function properly in the event of a fire, can be serious and even fatal.

As with any equipment, fire hose reels can deteriorate over time or problems can arise that make them less effective.

They can:

  • Become damaged
  • Fail to unreel due to buckling and tangling
  • Have a broken or cracked nozzle
  • Suffer from misuse and be incorrectly stored
  • and more

Having your fire hose reels and all fire equipment regularly inspected is the answer. Talk to Jim’s Fire Safety professionals for the best in Fire Hose Reel Testing Services.

You’ll have the backing of experienced safety technicians who receive ongoing training to stay up-to-date with the latest regulations.

With Jim’s Fire Safety, you’re always in the best of hands

Make sure you have the correct fire equipment that is ready to go in an emergency by getting the top fire safety testing experts working for you.

For regular professional Fire Hose Reel Testing Services, see the trusted team at Jim’s Fire Safety.

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