Managing or owning a hotel is tricky enough – minimise the chance of a mishap in your building by reading our blog. 

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Fire Safety in Hotels 

Why do we need fire safety in hotels? Firstly, you need to make sure the guests and staff in your building are safe. Secondly, you need to protect your assets. 

Hotels are a common place for accidental fires to start. Guests can be a little complacent with cooking equipment or cigarette butts because of the relaxed environment. 

In New Zealand, there have been multiple fires in hotels over the last few months. 

At the end of January, a kitchen fire spread through Queenstown’s Heartland Hotel. Guests were  evacuated and thankfully nobody was injured. 

Fire Safety in HotelsImage via 

An electrical fire caused damage to an historic venue in Dunedin earlier this year. Again, this fire ap pears to have started in the kitchen. The hotel had to be closed for the clean-up process. 

Several fire appliances were called to the historic Carey's Bay Hotel in Port Chalmers on Wednesday afternoon. 02012019. PHOTO: CHRISTINE O'CONNOR

Several fire appliances were called to the historic Carey’s Bay Hotel in Port Chalmers on Wednesday afternoon. 02012019. PHOTO: CHRISTINE O’CONNOR

Fire crews outside the Carey’s Bay Hotel. 

It’s clear that fires are prone to start in hotels. But what can you do to minimise the damage? 

When it comes to hotel fire safety, there are a few things you should know – 

  • the common causes of fires in hotels 
  • hazards that are specific to your venue 
  • your fire equipment maintenance obligations 
  • hotel fire evacuation procedures 


Common Fire Risks in Hotels 

Managing fire safety in hotels can be tricky. You have to consider the actions of both staff and guests, as well as be aware of the equipment you have in your building.  

The following issues are common catalysts for fires in hotels. 

  • irresponsible disposal of cigarette butts 
  • faulty electrical appliances 
  • electric blankets 
  • faulty ventilation systems 
  • cooking hazards 
  • deliberate fires 

What can you do to minimise the risks? 

  • provide ash trays in rooms and dedicated smoking areas for staff and guests 
  • clear your hotel perimeter of any flammable items 
  • lock garbage bins 
  • have your electrical appliances tested and tagged by professionals 
  • conduct regular building safety inspections and clean ventilation systems 
  • install a range of fire protection devices (blankets, extinguishers, hose reels, alarms, sprinklers) 
  • make sure your fire protection equipment is tested and maintained by professionals 
  • install security cameras outside your building 
  • ensure trees and foliage are not encroaching on power lines 
  • have a designated fire warden and evacuation strategy 
  • give your staff fire safety training 
  • make sure there is signage to help people during an emergency 

If you need help developing your fire safety plan, you can contact your local fire department for more professional advice. 

Fire Equipment Maintenance 

At Jim’s Fire Safety, we help to improve fire safety in hotels by supplying, installing, and maintaining a range of fire protection equipment. 

This includes fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, and fire blankets. We also test and tag electrical equipment to make sure there aren’t any dangerous faults. 

Remember, if you own or manage a hotel, you are required to provide fire protection equipment under workplace safety standards. All your fire protection equipment needs to be tested regularly to ensure it is safe to use during an emergency. 

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