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To maintain a fire-safe workplace in New Zealand, you need help from the experts. That’s where the best Fire Safety Services in Auckland come to the rescue.

As a business owner or manager, it is your role to ensure that your worksite remains safe at all times. It’s so important that it is a legal requirement.

When you are faced with issues relating to fire safety, it’s easy to be overwhelmed.

From having the right firefighting equipment, to where it is positioned throughout the workplace and then having it properly maintained, logged, and regularly inspected, there’s a lot to take care of.

It’s not hard to see why some people find it hard to ensure their workplace is always compliant with the latest fire safety regulations. That’s why it pays to enlist the help of New Zealand’s most trusted team of fire safety technicians.

That’s Jim’s Fire Safety.

With the experts in everything to do with fire safety looking after you, there’s no need to worry anymore.

Why fire safety is crucial

Fire safety at your workplace is important for all employees as well as anyone who visits your site. The risks of a fire breaking out are not always obvious but the results of a fire are often devastating.

How to stay fire safe? That’s one of the questions that have a longer answer.

The NZ national guidelines outline what is required in the specialised standards of fire safety.

All businesses are required to install and maintain hand operated firefighting equipment and that the equipment is properly and correctly positioned and maintained.

Having the correct fire equipment onsite and positioned for easy access in an emergency is vital.

It is because firefighting equipment is rarely used that it can be forgotten. This can mean that it is stored away or hidden from sight and that it is not properly inspected and serviced.

Everything from fire extinguisher inspection, fire hose reels, and even fire blankets should be checked on a regular basis. These are all important when you are faced with a fire emergency. The last thing you want is to be caught with no access to your firefighting equipment and that it won’t work properly.

These issues are completely avoidable when you enlist the help of the proven fire safety experts at Jim’s Fire Safety.

Trusting your firefighting equipment

Fire extinguisher inspection, fire hose reel testing, and fire blanket inspection are all vital parts of fire safety services. These specialised services must meet the NZS4503:2005 standards for hand-operated firefighting equipment. If not, your workplace is not safety compliant and you could be liable for a heavy penalty.

It is up to each New Zealand business owner or manager to ensure that safety compliance lasts all year round.

Is this something that you want to tackle by yourself?

Making sure that you have a fully completed and up-to-date log of all the firefighting equipment and how it is performed under a test is no simple task. It is easy to see how things can be forgotten or go wrong, especially when you have a business to run.

That’s why enlisting the help of Jim’s Fire Safety team is the best choice. Everything can be taken care of for you with precision and expertise.

With the use of a unique data management system, tracking your fire protection testing requirements over time becomes simple. To ensure your ongoing safety compliance, all supporting information is logged following each inspection and test. This means you have everything you need when a safety inspector visits your workplace.

This important data covers:

  • Fire Blankets
  • Hose Reels
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • RCD testing
  • and more

It’s easier than ever to keep up with your fire safety requirements, thanks to the team at Jim’s Fire Safety.

See the difference with Jim’s Fire Safety

It’s great to know that you have trusted professionals looking after fire safety at your workplace. You can relax when the fire safety experts are behind you at every step of the way. It leaves you to concentrate on what’s needed in the day-to-day running of your business.

You can be sure your fire safety equipment is ready to use whenever it is needed.

For the best in professional Fire Safety Services in Auckland, talk to the trusted professionals – that’s Jim’s Fire Safety.

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