It’s understandable if you think you can relax on fire safety measures during winter, but it’s the last thing you should do. There are specific fire safety tips for the winter season you need to be aware of.

Winter brings with it a unique set of fire dangers, and if you want your family to be safe, it’s important to heed these warnings, and follow the winter fire safety steps.

This winter fire safety checklist is a good place to start and will help you maintain safe practices during the coldest months.

In comes winter, out comes the electric blanket

Electric blankets are very useful to keep you and your family warm in bed, but you must follow safety guidelines when using them. If your blanklet is more than 5 years old, get rid of it and buy a new one.

Worn and old electric blankets can cause electric shock, even death. Check the new electric blanket you purchase is heat-protected.

Other things to check:

  • Don’t place heavy items on top of an electric blanket that’s switched on
  • Keep pets off the electric blanket when it’s on or off
  • Ensure it is always spread out flat on the bed
  • Check the cords are not twisted or caught between the mattress and base of the bed to avoid electric blanket fires
  • Turn it off before you go to sleep
  • Roll it, don’t fold it, when storing

Treat electric blankets with care and follow the fire safety tips for the winter season, and they will serve you well.

Safety measures for heaters during winter

Winter heating brings with it a whole new set of safety measures. These should be adhered to for maintaining maximum protection.

Here are some of the most important tips:

  • Keep flammable materials at least one metre away from the heater
  • Many people like to cover radiators with wet towels. The government’s safety guide stipulates never covering any heater with anything

If you have a portable gas heater:

  • Check the hose is not worn or damaged
  • If it doesn’t light the first time, don’t keep the gas on for long. Turn it off and try starting it again to avoid build up of gas
  • When it’s on, ensure you also have fresh air coming into the room
  • Never use portable gas heaters that are unstable on their feet

To play it safe, have a qualified professional service your heaters every 12 months.

Fire safety tips for the winter season around your fireplace

If your home has a fireplace, there are very important steps you must follow to maintain safety.

These include:

  • The chimneys and flues need to be clean before lighting the fire
  • If you have an open fire, always use a fire guard (spark guard)
  • It may be tempting to throw rubbish into the fire but this can end in disaster. Teach your children never to throw any rubbish into the fire, especially used batteries or aersol cans
  • Ashes can take up to 5 days to cool, so when you’re clearing them from the fireplace, do this with care, place them in a metal bin, and spray cold water over them
  • Keep matches and firelighters out of reach of children

You can never relax your safety precautions around fireplaces.

Some other basic fire safety measures

A fire can kill within minutes. There are basic steps you can take to keep your home and workplace safe.

These include:

  • Regularly check that smoke alarms are operational and change all the batteries for the start of the new season
  • Never leave the room when cooking
  • Have an evacuation plan
  • Keep keys in any deadlocks on doors and windows

Following all these guidelines will contribute towards a safe winter.

Jim’s Fire Safety are trusted professionals

As part of the fire safety tips for the winter season, include engaging a qualified fire safety professional regularly.

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