Fire hose reels are a crucial first response to a public fire, designed to contain early-stage fires and minimize damage within buildings. These reels project water and are suitable for Class A fires involving paper, textiles, wood, plastics, and rubber. However, they should not be used on electrical fires. It’s imperative that fire hose reels are manufactured, installed, and maintained in compliance with the New Zealand Building Code and national safety standards.

Fire hose reel testing involves a comprehensive assessment to ensure proper operation during a fire emergency. It’s critical for identifying faults or deficiencies that could compromise effectiveness. Trained technicians inspect various components, including the hose, nozzle, valve, and mounting bracket, to assess their condition.

Recommended Frequency for Fire Hose Reel Testing in New Zealand

Regulations and best practices dictate regular testing. While specific requirements vary based on factors like facility type and occupancy, annual testing is generally advised. High-risk environments or heavily used facilities may require more frequent testing, such as every six months or quarterly.

In New Zealand, the current fire hose reel standard NZS 4503:2005 for hand-operated firefighting equipment mandates a professional test at least once a year, with monthly checks recommended to be carried out by staff within your business.

Why It’s Crucial to Test Your Fire Hose Reels Regularly

Regular testing of fire hose reels is essential for several reasons:


Adhering to regulatory requirements ensures that the facility meets legal obligations and maintains a safe working environment.


Routine testing helps identify any issues or defects early on, allowing for prompt repairs and ensuring the system functions reliably when needed most.

Risk Mitigation

By proactively testing fire hose reels, facility managers can mitigate the risk of equipment failure during a fire emergency, potentially preventing property damage and injuries.

Hydrant with water hoses and fire extinguish equipment.


Engage with Professional Fire Hose Reel Testing Services

While it may be tempting for some facility managers to attempt DIY fire hose reel testing to save costs, this approach is highly discouraged. Fire safety equipment is complex and requires specialized training to inspect properly. Attempting DIY testing without the necessary expertise can result in inaccurate assessments, overlooked issues, or even damage to the equipment.

Engaging with trained professionals for fire hose reel testing is crucial to ensure thorough and accurate assessments. Professional technicians possess the expertise and knowledge to conduct comprehensive inspections and address any issues effectively. Additionally, they have access to specialized equipment and tools necessary for testing fire safety equipment safely and efficiently.

Prioritize Professional Fire Hose Reel Testing with Jim’s Fire Safety New Zealand

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