Knowing how to use a fire blanket could save a life. At Jim’s Fire Safety, we are fire protection experts. Take a look at our guide to using a fire blanket correctly and let us know if you have any questions. 
Please note that this is only a guide. You should always seek professional training and follow the instructions that come with your fire protection blanket. For information about workshops and usage guidelines, contact your local Fire and Emergency New Zealand department. 

How to Use a Fire Blanket Safely 

Before you learn how to use a fire blanket, you need to learn how to identify the class of fire you are dealing with. Fire blankets are designed to be used on Class F fires. 
Class F fires involve cooking fats and oils. They commonly occur in (but are not limited to) kitchens. It is important to know which fire fighting equipment to use on different types of fire. If you use the wrong device, you could make the fire worse or put yourself in harms way. 

Step one: check the fuel of the fire – are oils and/or fats fuelling the flame? If yes, you can proceed to the next step. If you are having trouble identifying the type of fire, evacuate the area and call for emergency services. 

Step two: if it is safe to do so, find the source of the heat and turn it off. 

Step three: pull the tabs at the bottom of the packaging around your fire blanket. A sharp pull of both tabs will release your blanket. 

Step four: hold the blanket in front of you and fold it over your hands for protection.

Step five: gently place the blanket over the flame, being careful to protect your hands. Don’t throw it over. You need to lay it over the closest edge of the flame first to stop it from running  up the other side. 

Step six: if you haven’t already turned off the heat, do so now. 

Step seven: leave the blanket on the fire until it is completely gone. You should leave it there for around 30 minutes just to be sure. 

Step eight: check for any embers or chance of re-ignition. If the cause of the fire is unclear, contact your FENZ department for advice. 

Please, if you feel at risk at any point, contact the fire brigade. It is better to let the professionals handle it instead of putting yourself in harms way. 

How to Use a Fire Blanket on a Person 

Aside from class F fires, fire blankets are designed for use on people. You can wrap a blanket around a person whose clothing, hair, or skin is on fire.

Steps for how to use a fire blanket on a person: 

Step one: release the blanket (mentioned above) and wrap it around the person, covering your hands to protect yourself. 

Step two: roll the blanket around the person until the fire is completely covered. 

Step three: instruct the person to stop, drop, and roll. Talk to them, help them stay calm and contain the situation. 

Step four: call 111 and seek emergency and medical services as required. 

Fire Blanket Regulations 

Do you own or operate a business? Find out more about your fire blanket requirements by calling us or filling out the online form. We supply, install, and maintain fire blankets for businesses all around New Zealand. 

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