Why RCD testing in Tauranga is important

Proper RCD testing in Tauranga gives you the peace of mind that this integral part of the safety of anyone at your workplace is taken care of.

RCD safety switches are crucial to keeping your workplace safe from the dangers of electric shock. Recognising that electrical equipment is unsafe for use is not as simple as a visual check. You can avoid the dangers of faulty equipment and their fire risk by utilising the specialised testing service from a trusted team.

Protection from electrical faults is vital to workplace safety. This is illustrated by the high instances of fires that are caused by faulty electrical equipment across New Zealand.

RCDs are small but important electrical devices. They are commonly known as safety switches whereas the industry term is Residual Current Devices (RCDs). If you’re not familiar with that term or exactly what RCDs do, you’re not alone. These electrical safety devices sit within your switchboard and can only be installed by a qualified electrician.

If you don’t have an RCD already installed at your workplace, then now is the time to get it done.

How do RCDs work?

RCDs detect electrical faults and even very small ones. Once a fault is detected, they instantly trip and cut off the power supply. This is the most efficient way to prevent electrical shocks and stop circuits from overheating and catching fire. It’s easy to see why having this device is so important to safety and a proven lifesaving measure.

Like any other electrical equipment, RCDs can develop faults of their own. That’s why proper professional testing of any RCDs is vital.

This specialised testing should only be performed by a fully trained technician.

The trusted team for quality RCD testing services in NZ

Get the best RCD testing in Tauranga and right across NZ from the friendly experts.

If an RCD doesn’t work properly, rather than prevent a safety hazard, they could be the cause of one. Installing them is to perform a critical safety function. Rather than protect you, your staff and your premises, a faulty RCD could leave you vulnerable.

Jim’s Fire Safety technicians are trained to perform a variety of electrical tests as well as the inspection of fire protection equipment. We can service your entire property in one easy appointment. This means a full check can be made on the device, a measure of the trip time, or the disconnect time, for every one of your RCDs.

You get true peace of mind knowing that fully trained, professional technicians are looking after you. The team use special certified equipment and the latest methods to ensure your electrical equipment is always fully tested and maintained in safe working order.

For regular inspection, testing and maintenance, see the team you can rely on. Keeping your workplace as safe as possible is easier than you think.

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