Fire extinguishers are a crucial part of your fire safety. They are your first line of defence in the case of a fire.

If ever you are confronted by a fire breaking out, you want to know where your fire extinguishers are and that they are ready to use. The last thing you need is to worry that you may be fighting a fire with equipment that won’t work properly. That’s where the professional team in fire extinguisher inspection for Auckland and the rest of the north island are your best bet. That’s Jim’s Fire Safety.

Why is fire extinguisher inspection in Auckland important?

Right throughout New Zealand, there is a wide range of different fire extinguishers available for workplaces and varied businesses. Is looking after your own fire safety that best idea? Do you have the expertise to manage those issues yourself?

Fire safety can be a life and death situation in an emergency. That’s why you need skills of trained professionals to complete fire extinguisher inspection, servicing and any refills.

All Jim’s Fire Safety technicians know the difference between each fire extinguisher, their specific use and the importance of where fire equipment is positioned.

As a business or organisation, you need to select, install, and maintain your fire protection equipment. Keeping your building and workplace safe is your responsibility. This means anyone who works or visits your worksite will be safe in the event of a fire.

That’s why you need the skills of our talented team to help you meet those important obligations.

Ask for the experts at Jim’s Fire Safety

With all the issues of fire safety, it can quickly become overwhelming. Do you know the difference in the fire extinguisher sizes and uses or where to start with your fire extinguisher inspection in the Auckland area?

The answer is Jim’s Fire Safety.

We cover everything from fire extinguisher inspection, fire hose reel testing, and fire blanket inspection services. Everything is carried out and completed according to strict NZS4503:2005 standard

Jim’s Fire Safety technicians are highly trained and experienced. Utilising our expertise gives you complete peace of mind.

Whatever fire safety issues you are facing, see the team you can trust. Whether it’s fire maintenance services or fire extinguisher inspection in the Auckland area, Jim’s Fire Safety is the only name you need to know.

For more details talk to the experts today. Call us now or fill in the online form for a free quote.