So you have some extinguishers that need to be inspected, but you aren’t sure who to ask?

It is really important that you choose someone reputable to carry out your fire protection inspections. Unfortunately, there are many dodgy extinguisher testing companies that claim to be doing their job whilst cutting corners that will cost you in the long run and could put you in danger. 

Who can inspect fire extinguishers? Only technicians with the proper training. Read through the rest of our article to find out who to make sure you’re working with a reputable technician. 

Avoiding Fraudulent Companies 

In September this year, the Commerce Commission filed charges against Aero Fire Sales & Service Ltd – a company that supplies and services fire extinguishers. 

They face three charges under the Fair Trading Act of allegedly making false or misleading representations in relation to the installation, servicing and maintenance of fire extinguishers.

The Commission said that the company told customers that fire extinguishers maintained when they were not, and installed in accordance with New Zealand standards when they were not. They also told customers that a 6 monthly inspection was a legal requirement rather than a recommendation. (the legal requirement is 12 months in most circumstances). 

Unfortunately, the industry is wrought with fire extinguisher inspection companies like Aero Fire who try to save money by forging results and skipping tests. It is more important than ever to know who can inspect fire extinguishers and who the trustworthy local technicians are in your area. 

Who can inspect fire extinguishers? 

There are a number of companies that offer testing services. You need to make sure that your technician has adequate training. All inspectors should have a Level 3 New Zealand Certificate in Hand Operated Fire Fighting Equipment. 

The purpose of this certificate is to provide the industry with people who have the skills and knowledge to correctly install and maintain hand operated fire-fighting equipment.

There are a range of fire protection qualifications available in New Zealand. It’s well worth your while to do some research online and check with your technician to be sure that they are properly qualified. 

In New Zealand, fire extinguishers must be tested in accordance with the NZS 4503:2005 standard for Hand Operated Fire-Fighting Equipment. All technicians must adhere to this standard to remain compliant with the law. 

If you suspect that your technician has not been compliant with this standard, you can make a consumer complaint with the Commerce Commission. 

Choose Our Qualified Technicians 

Who can test fire extinguishers? Jim’s Fire Safety can! 

All of our technicians receive ongoing training to make sure they are compliant with New Zealand standards. Our fire extinguisher tagging and testing services are second to none. 

After completing each and every test, you will receive a detailed report with all of the results. We ensure that all readings are recorded and given to the client. 

Most fraudulent companies are caught out with fake recordings because they are very difficult to fabricate. 

You don’t need to worry about not being updated. Our technicians will keep you in the loop every step of the way. 

If you have any concerns, the details of each technician will be recorded in the results and on a Service Tag attached to your device. 

Are you in need of inspection services? 

Contact us now for the professional service you can trust. 

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