Even during the Covid 19 outbreak, your fire extinguisher inspection still matters

Knowing your fire extinguisher will work whenever you need it is crucial. That’s why a fire extinguisher inspection is vital to your overall fires safety. It’s also a reason that fire safety inspections are still considered part of an essential service during the Covid 19 pandemic. Each and every workplace still needs to be fire safe wherever possible.

Your fire extinguishers will always be your first defence should a fire ever break out. Having the assurance that you can use your fire safety equipment easily and effectively means a great deal in the safety of your workplace. This is essential to anyone working or visiting your business or worksite, even during the lockdown stages of Covid 19.

The key word there is ‘essential’ and that is exactly why fire extinguisher inspections are part of the government advice from the MBIE department.

Fire Safety and Essential Businesses

There are clear guidelines to what is considered essential service and an essential business. The NZ government has clear advice that is constantly updated throughout the Covid 19 situation.

To quote the wording from the MBIE:

‘A fire or sprinkler company is an essential business (delivering an essential service) during the time it is conducting an essential service, such as responding to defects or alarms, or undertaking time-critical maintenance or repair of systems in critical or occupied buildings.’

The official definitions of ‘essential businesses’ and ‘essential services’ are constantly changing. The most recent definitions are available via the Covid 19 Government link: Essential Businesses

Fire Safety throughout the Covid 19 outbreak

The classification of a business as being essential depends on a range of factors and can change throughout time. It’s important to keep up to date on those classifications as often as possible.

The MBIE website includes the advice that: ‘The situation is often changing, so you may not be clear on whether your business is essential. Some businesses will be deemed essential for a short period of time while supporting other essential businesses or while carrying out an essential service’.

The MBIE also advises that steps to minimise the risk of COVID 19 infection spreading should be taken ‘from or to client or member premises’.

All FPANZ members give an undertaking to follow the FPANZ Code of Ethical Conduct. When it comes to the Covid 19 outbreak, there are certain aspects to follow that are especially relevant: Compliance, Responsibility to the Community, Health and Safety, Responsibility to the Industry and Association, and Integrity.

All fire industry workers are advised to contact each client site owner representative to discuss the risk of Covid 19 infection posed by being on-site. Both the fire safety tester and those on the worksite or at the workplace need to weigh up the infection risk against the risk to the system not performing. Safe and appropriate procedures and processes need to be established by both parties to work out how these risks can be kept to an acceptable level

Fire Extinguisher Inspection during COVID
Covid 19 mask

When it comes to fire extinguisher inspections and maintenance, the approach needs that same level of risk management.

Fire Safety Equipment Maintenance and Service

When it comes to routine fire extinguisher inspections and other Hand Operated Fire-Fighting Equipment (HOFFE), any maintenance and servicing should be limited to the recharge, replacement, and repair of fire safety equipment as a means to support critical infrastructure and essential businesses only.

Unless there is an immediate risk to human health or safety, it should be temporarily suspended.

It’s important to remember that routine fire extinguisher inspections can be a high risk venture for infection and transmission of Covid-19 because of the need to inspect and access large areas.

Talking to your fire safety professionals is the best course of action if you have any concerns about your fire safety and your fire-fighting equipment.

It pays to be dealing with an expert team who have the experience and know-how when it comes to fire safety issues whatever the current climate.

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With all the changes going on and the uncertainty that comes with it, now is the time to work together to ensure that everyone remains as safe as possible.

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