Microwave testing

Microwave Testing 

Did you know that your workplace microwave could be harming your employees? Invest in our microwave testing services today and make sure your workplace is safe. At Jim’s Fire Safety, we specialise in all types of safety testing services. We have a wide range of testing services available to businesses across New Zealand. Let us assess your fire and electrical safety needs all at once.

Why is microwave testing important?

If your microwave isn’t functioning correctly, it can be very dangerous. Exposure to radiation can heat body tissue in the same way a microwave heats food.  Subjecting your employees to potential harm can have legal ramifications. In New Zealand, people who own or operate a business are obligated to provide a safe working environment for their employees and guests. If you fail to meet these requirements, you could face both individual and organizational fines.

How do you test a microwave?

In New Zealand, we test and tag microwaves according to two safety standards.

  • AS/NZS 3760:2010 standard for the in-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment
  • AS/NZS 60335.2.25:2010 standard for safety particular requirements for microwave ovens including combination microwave ovens

During each test, we use a microwave tester that checks for radiation leakage. The device will give us a reading of the radiation emissions and allow us to determine the safety status of the appliance. We ensure that all of our testing equipment is regularly maintained according to test and tag standards.

Why do microwaves leak?

Most of the time it’s down to age. If you’ve had an appliance for a few years, the door seals can wear down and stop doing their job properly. This can also happen if you haven’t been using your microwave properly, or if there is a food build up near the door. Regular cleaning and testing can extend the lifetime of your microwave.

What happens if the microwave fails the test?

If, after the microwave testing is completed and the device has failed, our technicians will attach a faulty sticker and advise the client of their defective appliance. We strictly advise that the unit is then disposed of. You will get a report with more information about where your item failed.

Why should I choose Jim’s Fire Safety?

Our fire safety technicians can complete a microwave leakage test for radiation as well as an output efficiency check. This will help us determine whether your microwave is operating with the right amount of energy. After we have checked your appliances, you will receive a detailed report.

You need to receive a log book of results every time an appliance is tested and tagged at your workplace. This will help you keep proof of compliance and manage re-test appointments. We do have a free reminder service to help you stay on top of each test interval.

At Jim’s Fire Safety we are experts in safety inspection and testing. Our technicians are trained to inspect both fire protection devices and electrical appliances. This means that your business can receive a complete range of maintenance services in one appointment. Why stop at microwave testing? Ask our technicians to service your entire property.

Our technicians visit businesses around the country in their Jim’s Fire Safety vans. Our mobile service is flexible so that we can visit you wherever you are in New Zealand. Contact us today and book an inspection at a time that suits you.