1810, 2021

What is a Gas Fire Extinguisher?

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When you need a Gas Fire Extinguisher Whatever and wherever your workplace is in New Zealand, it needs to be fire safe and that starts with using the best fire [...]

2209, 2021

Fire Safety Advice for Landlords

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As a landlord, fire safety is not always top of mind. There are a whole list of other things to take care of, but fire safety and services like fire [...]

2408, 2021

What are the different foam fire extinguisher uses?

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There are a number of foam fire extinguisher uses to know about Fire safety is all about being prepared and being aware. The danger of a fire occurring is one [...]

507, 2021

Where to get a fire extinguisher serviced in New Zealand

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Knowing where to get a fire extinguisher serviced could be a life saver Your fire safety is determined by the fire procedures you follow and how well your fire equipment [...]

1806, 2021

What is the difference between foam and dry powder fire extinguishers?

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What is the difference between foam and dry powder fire extinguishers? A frequently asked question to do with fire extingishers is “What is the difference between foam and dry powder fire extinguishers?” To understand this fully it will help to understand the types of fires that can occur and the different extinguishers that are used to fight these fires.

1506, 2021

Jim’s Fire Safety NZ – Your 100% Kiwi owned and operated business partner

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What’s it like dealing with a true Kiwi business? Do they know your concerns better than anyone else? Do they have your interests at the top of their list? That’s [...]