You take every step towards fire safety in your workplace. You’ve got the fire extinguishers and the proper signage up. Good job!

Before you get too carried away, it’s important to take a check on things. There could be a problem and it could be a serious one when it comes to an emergency situation.

Do your fire safety efforts meet the legal requirements in New Zealand?
When you have the team at Jim’s Fire Safety looking after things, there’s no second guessing. You can relax, knowing your fire safety is in the safest hands. Let the experts in Fire Protection Testing Services look after you and your workplace.

You can try and do things yourself, but is it worth the time and the risk if you get it wrong? If you think it’s all pretty straight forward, then just look at the following examples of Fire Safety mistakes found across a number of New Zealand workplaces.
It makes sense to contact Jim’s Fire Safety for all your fire testing and inspection needs. Remember, your safety is our business.

It’s been tested, but what was the test?


The safety standard clearly states the ‘Class of inspection’ must be shown on the inspection Tag.

These are tagged with the number of the inspection class – from classes 1 through to 5.

This needs to be done with an actual number punch. It hole-punches a number instead of just a hole that doesn’t show which class of inspection was made.


Here is another inspection done without any record of what number of class was made.

It’s a little unnerving to ask yourself that if your current Fire Safety provider can’t get the simple things right and doesn’t even have the correct tools, what else are they doing wrong?

If you’re paying for a professional service, you want to know a true professional is looking after you.

Where’s Wally? And why was he looking after our fire safety?


Fire equipment needs to properly sign posted. The point of the sign is to show where the extinguisher is located, not the other way around.

The standard clearly states that the sign should be a minimum of 1500mm above the floor to the bottom of the sign. It must be visible from a distance of 10m.

You don’t want to question the visibility of your fire safety equipment especially in an emergency.


Here is an example of where wall space has compromised safety.

It looks like whoever put up the fire safety sign is trying to hide it. Not only are they hiding the sign below the extin-guisher, but they’re hiding both behind the bin.

Fire safety shouldn’t be a treasure hunt.

Let’s play ‘Spot the Fire Extinguisher?’


Here is the extinguisher sign. Where is the extinguisher?


Not here, but you’re getting warmer.


Hot… hotter… hotter! YES! You found it!! Where else would it have been?

It was just behind the methylated spirits and cleaning products.


Took a while to find it, but the sign kind was a pretty good clue.

Pretty sure someone could find it a bit quicker in an actual fire.

Don’t let a simple mistake put you and your employees at risk.

Fire safety is not a game.

With the expert team at Jim’s Fire Safety looking after your workplace, you can relax knowing that professionals are taking care of your equipment and signage.

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