At Jim’s Fire Safety, we answer a ton of questions about fire extinguishers. Instead of just one customer receiving all of the juicy info, we thought we’d cover some of your most frequently asked questions in a series of blog posts.

Today, we’re focusing on how to recharge a fire extinguisher.

Are fire extinguishers reusable?

Yes and no. The answer depends on the state of your fire extinguisher. If you have used your extinguisher, a simple recharge could be all you need to keep on using it.
There are some cases where your fire extinguisher will need to be replaced. This will happen if damage has occurred during operation, and it affects the function of your extinguisher. If there is damage, you might be able to repair your device, but it is more cost effective to just get a replacement.


Recharge or Replace Fire Extinguisher

To find out if your extinguisher still has lifetime in it, all you have to do is ask for our fire extinguisher testing service. Through visual and physical inspection, our technicians will be able to sign off on your fire extinguisher or organise a replacement.


How to Recharge a Fire Extinguisher

In New Zealand, there are a number of places where you can refill your fire extinguisher. You can chat to your local fire department, or contact the manufacturer for more information.


At Jim’s Fire Safety, we can recharge your used fire extinguishers. If you own or operate a business, we highly recommend having a trained technician handling all of your fire extinguisher requirements.

This way, we can make sure your device is safe to use after it has been recharged. After each inspection (or maintenance session), every client receives a test report. This documentation can be kept on file for the workplace safety inspectors.


During a recharge/refilling job, our technicians will perform the following steps:

  • damage inspection
  • identify the type of extinguisher and extinguishing agent
  • remove the top of the device and insert agent
  • re-seal and repressurise the device


Fire extinguisher testing needs to be performed at least once every 12 months to ensure the equipment is functioning correctly. After each and every inspection, the fire extinguisher will need a top up.

For more information on how to recharge a fire extinguisher, you just need to chat with your local Jim’s Fire Safety team member. They will be happy to tell you more about their process and their compliance with national workplace safety standards.


With Jim’s Fire Safety on your side, you can rest assured that your fire equipment is ready to use whenever you need it. That gives you true peace of mind.


How to Re-pressurise a Fire Extinguisher

Again, this is a step that you really need to leave to the professionals. Because of the different types of fire extinguishing agents, there are specific methods that need to be followed for each type of extinguisher.

Re-pressurising needs to be completed by a professional to ensure the extinguisher works properly during an emergency. Imagine approaching a fire only to find out that your extinguisher isn’t working properly. You don’t need that on your conscience.

Contact a professional now.

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